Funding for RD&E Projects

​​​​The Tasmanian Government invests in agricultural Research, Development and Extension (RD&E).

Funding o​​pportunities

Agricultural D​​ev​​​elopment Fund

The Tasmanian Government’s Agricultural Development Fund (ADF), launched on 22 July 2021, is investing $3 million in RD&E projects that will promote innovation and sustainable growth in Tasmanian agriculture.

Funding is available for projects that demonstrate strong support and active partnership from industry, and a clear strategy to deliver on-farm impacts and contribute to sustainable growth and jobs in agriculture.

Agricultural Inn​​​​ovation Fund

The $3 million Agricultural Innovation Fund (AIF) was announced in 2019 to address emerging opportunities and issues likely to have a direct impact on Tasmanian agriculture. The AIF supports projects that are delivered in partnership with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, including a project currently underway to expand crop protection options for the control of blueberry rust. The remaining funds in the AIF will be allocated through the same grant round process as the  Agricultural Development Fund.

Other funding of agricultural RD&E

Tasmanian ​​Instit​​ute of Agriculture

The Tasmanian Government is providing $28 million to the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture over the five years to 2023, which includes $5 million per annum in base funding.

TIA was established through a Joint Venture Agreement between the Tasmanian Government and the University of Tasmania. For more than two decades, the Government has supported world-class agricultural RD&E and education through TIA that is delivering practical, on-farm benefits to our state’s agri-food producers.

Pastures and Li​​vesto​​ck Productivity Project

The Tasmanian Government has invested $648,000 over three years in the Pastures and Livestock Productivity Project to improve pasture quality and quantity as a basis for increasing livestock production in Tasmania.

Tasmania’s Resea​​rch Farm Capacity

The Tasmanian Government committed $7 million in the 2018-19 State Budget to modernise Crown and TIA research farms and make them centres of excellence for practical research and demonstration. So far, the Government has allocated $5.75 million to upgrades at the Elliot, Forthside and Cressy Research Facilities, with additional co-contributions from the University of Tasmania.

Extensio​​n​​ Accelerator

The Tasmanian Government has provided $144,000 to deliver the Extension Accelerator program in partnership with TIA. The professional development program, which has been delivered over 2020 and 2021, builds extension capacity within Tasmanian agriculture in partnership with industry.

Strategic Industry Partn​ership Program

The 2017-18 State Budget committed $1.2 million for a new Strategic Industry Partnerships Program (SIPP) to support regional communities and businesses by investing in peak industry bodies to drive growth and innovation across the Tasmanian agri-food sector. This fund was extended for two years in 2020 as part of the Agricultural Workforce Resilience Package with over $430,000 allocated to industry bodies.

The SIPP provides funding for a diverse range of projects including industry RD&E.