Enterprise Suitability Maps

​​​State-wide enterprise suitability maps are available online at the Land Information System Tasmania (LIST) via the links below. Users can view the maps, zoom into specific locations, and also overlay other useful data sets.

Many plants require particular climatic and land characteristics for best performance. Frost, winter chilling, summer heat, drainage, slope and salinity are some of these characteristics. For each enterprise land and climate criteria, or "crop rules", are used to distinguish suitable from less suitable areas. These rules define the boundaries between the different classes of the enterprise suitability maps.
Colour legend
When viewing the maps on the LIST, by clicking on the "I" tool and then clicking on an area
of the map, a pop-up box identifies what the limiting factors are (if any). This information can
help guide any management practices that could help overcome the limitations. The maps are based on the parameters in the Crop Rules. The legend displays the suitability categories of
the maps.

The suitability factors for assisting in site selection for each crop are found on the fact sheets.

If you have problems accessing the LIST using the links, type www.thelist.tas.gov.au into your
web browser. Instructions on how to access the Enterprise Suitability Maps are below:

  LIST map instructions   (69Kb)


Link to State-​wide Enterprise Suitability Map on the LIST

​Crop Rules
(relevant to LIST map)


Barley Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Ba​rley Enterprise Suitability Map

Barley Crop Rules

Blueberry Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet 

Blueberry Enterprise Suitability Map

Blueberry Crop Rules

Carrot Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Carrot Enterprise Suitability Map

Carrot Crop Rules
Carrot Seed

Carrot Seed Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Carrot Seed Enterprise Suitability Map

Carrot Seed Crop Rules

Cherry Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Cherry Enterprise Suitability Map

Cherry Crop Rules

Hazelnut Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Hazelnut Enterprise Suitability Map

Hazelnut Crop Rules
​Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Industrial Hemp Enterprise Suitability Map​

Industrial Hemp Crop Rules 
Linseed Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Linseed Enterprise Suitabiltiy Map

Linseed Crop Rules

Lucerne Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Lucerne Enterprise Suitability Map

Lucerne Crop Rules 

Olive Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Olive Enterprise Suitability Map

Olive Crop Rules

Onion Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Onion Enterprise Suitability Map

Onion Crop Rules 

Poppy Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Poppy Enterprise Suitability Map

Poppy Crop Rules 
Potato Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Potato Enterprise Suitability Map

Potato Crop Rules
Pyrethrum Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet​

Pyrethrum Enterprise Suitability Map

Pyrethrum Crop Rules
Raspberry Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Raspberry Enterprise Suitability Map

Raspberry Crop Rules
Ryegrass for Dairy
Ryegrass for Dairy Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet 

Ryegrass Enterprise Suitability Map

Ryegrass Crop Rules
Strawberry Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Strawberry Enterprise Suitabiltiy Map

Strawberry Crop Rules
Wheat Growing in Tasmania Fact Sheet

Wheat Enterprise Suitability map

Wheat Crop Rules
Wine Grapes 
(Pinot Noir & Chardonnay)

Sparkling Wine Grape Enterprise Suitability Map
Table Wine Grape Enterprise Suitability Map​

Wine Grapes Crop Rules

For more information contact:

Extension Leader - Vegetable Centre
Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture