Market Information Workshop presentations

​​Copies of the presentations from market information workshops that were held in November 2011 and May 2012. The workshop material below remains relevant to those seeking to develop successful fresh food supply chains. Use these tools with the information gathered from the latest annual Horticulture Statistics Handbook​​ from Horticulture Innovation Australia.

Global Markets and Building Successful Supply Chains workshop May 2012

A presentation by Professor David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food and Marketing, Imperial College, London held May 2012 at Oatlands. This is an edited version of Professor Hughes' presentation.

  WfW_Building a fresh food supply chain_May 2012 workshop   (370Kb)
WfW_Building Successful Supply Chains Part 1 (3.58 MB)
WfW_Building Successful Supply Chains Part 2 (3.06 MB)

Presentations by Martin Kneebone, November 2011

Copies of the presentations from workshops held at Deloraine.

WfW_Building a fresh food supply chain (305 KB)
WfW_Fresh Market Structure and Distribution Channels (1008 KB)
WfW_Consumer buying trends and major influences (1.60 MB)
WfW_Marketing Information_Value Adding (543 KB)
WfW - Checklist for building a fresh food supply chain (99 KB)

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