About Land Management

​​Colour photograph of earthmoving equipment in paddock.Sustainable land management involves a coordinated catchment-based approach to land, river and weed management.

The range of services and programs to assist land managers includes:

Land Resource Assessment

Land Resource Management

Weed Management

Private Land Conservation Program

Regional Natural Resource Management:

Colour photograph of a river bend taken from a high vantage point.

Land Conservation Branch

A range of services to assist land managers is offered by the Land Conservation Branch.

The Branch contributes to a coordinated, catchment-based approach to land, river and weed management in Tasmania by providing technical advice and resource information to community and industry groups, by improving public awareness of land issues and by generally facilitating the sustainable development of rural industries.

The Branch is also responsible for assessment of land resources to provide advice on the potential use, productive capacity and sustainable management of these resources.

It has a key role in monitoring and reporting on the status of Tasmania's land, and soil resources, including weed status.