Land Capability Handbook - Guidelines for the Classification of Agricultural Land in Tasmania

​Revised edition of the Land Capability Handbook, first published in 1992, to assist non practitioners to understand the land capability classification process and to produce a document to help maintain consistency of approach between surveyors.

Contents include: Introduction; Land Capability Classification; Features of the Tasmanian Land Capability Classification System; Guidelines for Agricultural Land Capability Classification; How to use Land Capability Maps and Reports; Land Capability for Land Use Planning; Regional and District Scales; Land Capability Mapping at Farm Level; References and Appendices: 1) Soil Moisture and its Application to Land Capability Classification; 2) Conversions for Common Ec and Salinity Measurements; and 3) Soils Maps and Reports Available for Tasmania.

Written by C.J. Grose (Ed).
Published by Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
(Published in 1999)
ISBN/ISSN 0-7246-7203-6 / 1036 5249
Copyright Government of Tasmania 1999
  Land Capability Revised Handbook   (662Kb)