Modelled Land Capability Maps

​The following maps have been generated by computer modelling using available digital information and rules for capability developed during the field mapping phase for other map sheets. Very limited field checking has been undertaken yet the maps are considered to provide a reliable representation of land capability at the 1:100 000 map scale.

Reports for the individual map sheets have not been prepared. An overview of the modelling process and its limitations, together with a summary of the land classes to be found on each modelled map sheet, is in preparation.

Map - Break O' Day (1.12 MB)

Map - Cape Port (907 KB)

Map - Forester (1.50 MB)

Map - Freycinet (891 KB)

Map - Georges Bay (1.17 MB)

Map - Lady Barron (903 KB)

Map - Lake Sorell (1.28 MB)

Map - Shannon (1.28 MB)

Map - St Paul's (1.35 MB)

Map - Little Swanport (1.35 MB)

Map - Swan Island (855 KB)

Map - Tyenna (1.27 MB)