Monitoring Soil Condition

This project has been funded through the Regional NRM process in Tasmania by the Australian and Sate Governments and the Natural Heritage Trust.

The project will provide a sound methodology, together with key baseline soil condition data, for the on-going evaluation and monitoring of soil condition for key soils and land uses considered "at risk" in Tasmania. As soils are an essential primary component of our natural resources, soil condition data, and an appropriate system for monitoring, are essential in assessing the health of and threat to the natural resource and associated biodiversity.

The objectives of this project are to:
  • Identify and prioritise soils and areas most "at risk" from declining soil health and erosion
  • Develop and test a methodology that will allow the evaluation and future monitoring of soil condition
  • Provide baseline soil condition data for selected soils in each NRM region to facilitate NRM reporting on soil condition, land use impacts, and for soil condition target setting
  • Develop critical soil condition thresholds
  • Coordinate reference sites with other NRM benchmarking projects, eg. vegetation, weeds and salinity.