Salinity and Land Degradation

Salinity is the presence of salts in soil and water. In sufficient quantity, these salts may be detrimental to plants and animals. Some of the issues concerned with salinity in irrigation and groundwater are addressed in this area.

Salinity assessment and monitoring in Tasmania has identified soil and water salinity as a significant problem in certain agricultural areas of the State.

Overall, salinity is estimated to affect 74,000 hectares, or 3%, of Tasmania's agricultural land. However, in certain areas, 5% - 8% of farmed land can be salt-affected. This has the potential to significantly lower productivity in some of the State's most agriculturally productive areas, such as parts of the mid-north.

A strategic framework to guide activities and resourcing by Government, NRM regions and the wider community for salinity management in Tasmania was produced in 2007.

 Tasmanian Salinity Strategy - June 2007 (PDF 534Kb)

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