Water Erosion

Water erosion is a two-part process involving the detachment and transport of soil particles. The water erosion process consists of discrete stages from rain drop impact to the formation of gully erosion. Each stage has its own processes and characteristics. Controlling or preventing water erosion requires an understanding of each step in the erosion process.

In this topic

  • Gully Erosion
    Gully erosion is responsible for removing vast amounts of soil.
  • Rill Erosion
    Rill erosion results from the concentration of surface water into deeper, faster-flowing channels.
  • Sheet Erosion
    Sheet erosion is responsible for extensive soil loss in both cultivated and non-cultivated environments.
  • Splash Erosion
    Splash erosion or rain drop impact represents the first stage in the erosion process.
  • Tunnel Erosion
    Preventing and controlling tunnel erosion in Tasmania caused by the movement of excess water through a dispersive subsoil.