Soil Management Guidelines and Publications

Good soil condition and fertility are basic to sustainable agriculture. The information provided in the publications below are a set of recommended best practice guides for a range of soil management issues to sustain crop and pasture production and maintain soil in good condition.

  Dispersive Soils and their Management - Technical Reference Manual (3Mb) - A comprehensive guide to understanding and managing dispersive soils.

  Dispersive Soils and their Management - Guidelines for Landholders, Planners and Engineers (540Kb) - Broad guidelines on identification, risks and strategies for dispersive soils.

Extent and Impacts of Dryland Salinity in Tasmania - Executive Summary

  Managing Cropping Soils in Tasmania  (5Mb) - Broad guidelines and local farmer examples on good soil management

  Soils Alive! Understanding and Managing Soil Biology on Tasmanian Farms   (2Mb)

  Soil Management: A Guide for Tasmanian Farmers (2Mb) - recommended soil management practices for both cropping and grazing.