Multifaceted Agriculture

​​​The Tasmanian agricultural industry is known for its quality produce, commitment to sustainability, and contribution to the state's economy. It continues to evolve and adapt to changing market dynamics and environmental considerations.  The multifacted agricultural information offers an insight into various aspects, practices, and components that contribute to the Tasmanian agricultural industry. 

In this topic

  • Animal Industries
    Tasmania has a range of animal-related agricultural industries which contribute significantly to the Tasmanian economy. On this page, you’ll find information relevant to several of those industry sectors.
  • Facts & Figures
    Industry Profiles and ScoreCards present a snapshot of each industry from the farmgate/beach to the packer/processor and markets overseas, interstate and locally.
  • Harvest Jobs
    How to find seasonal harvest work on a Tasmanian farm.
  • Pastures and Livestock Productivity Project
    Information on the Increasing pasture quality and quantity for red meat production in Tasmania project
  • Plant Industries
    Research, development and extension activities in Tasmanian plant industries which were once delivered by the Department are now delivered through the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) in partnership with the University of Tasmania.
  • Small and New Landholders
    A range of tools and links to assist small and new landholders with information or requirements in a rural or peri-urban setting.
  • Weather and Climate
    For seasonal outlooks and the latest weekly Australian climate, water and agricultural updates