Animal Industries

​​The AgriGrowth Tasmania​ Branch has a role within Government to encourage the further growth and development of the animal-related industries including red meat, dairy, wool, pork, poultry and honey, as well as provide policy guidance to Government on major issues that might affect those industries.

Research, development and extension activities in Tasmanian animal industries which were once delivered by the Department are now delivered through the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) in partnership with the University of Tasmania.

In this topic

  • Identifying, Selling & Moving Livestock
    What you need to know about livestock identification when buying or selling cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Includes information about NLIS and downloadable forms.
  • Sheep in Tasmania
    Until 2011 Tasmania imposed regulatory restrictions on four 'exotic' breeds of sheep under the Animal Farming (Registration) Act 1994. Those regulations were subsequently repealed and a voluntary Code of Practice has been developed.
  • Beef Trust
    The 'Beef Trust' funds research, development and other activities that benefit the Tasmanian beef industry, with secretariat support provided by the TFGA.
  • King Island Wallaby Project
    In conjuction with the King Island Target 120 project (2013-2016) a project was designed to explore the potential to substainably harvest King Island wallaby for sale in high value Chinese restaurants.
  • Tasmanian Meat Industry Working Group
    The Working Group has concluded its role. The Red Meat Industry Steering Committee has been established to implement the 2015 Red Meat Strategic Plan.

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