Beef Trust

​​​​​​​​​The Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust (the 'Beef Trust') was established by the Tasmanian Beef Industry (Research and Development) Trust Act 1990​, which was amended in 2014.

The Trust manages funds that were collected from beef producers in the 1980s.  The Trust funds research, development and other activities that benefit the Tasmanian beef industry.


​Members of the Trust are:

  • ​​Ella Anderson
  • Peter Ball
  • John Bruce
  • Darryl Heazlewood
  • Donna Lucas (Chair)

​​Project Reports

​Final reports of projects funded by the Beef Trust are published here for the information of the Tasmanian beef industry.

  Pilot Study on Vibriosis and Trichomoniasis in Tasmanian Cattle Herds   (348Kb)  by Kayla Jackson

  Appendix 1 - Campylobacter and Tritrichomonas within Southern Australian Cattle   (500Kb)
  Appendix 2 - Recommendations   (374Kb)
  Appendix 3 - Diagnostics   (503Kb)

  Assessment of Treatments and Supplements   (256Kb)​  by the Flinders Island Productivity Group

  Tasmanian Beef Pasture Feedbase Survey   (2Mb) by RMCG​​​ 

​Annual Reports

​The Act requires the Trust to provide a comprehensive annual report by no later than 30 September in each year, which includes:

  1. the number and location of, and attendance at, meetings held by the Trust; and

  2. ​the number of applications received for grant funding; and 

  3. a list of the recipients of grants provided in the year and the amount and purpose of those grants; and 

  4. copies of all final reports on any activities funded by the Trust in that year.

Annual Reports became a requirement of the Trust in 2014, and those reports will be published here for the information of the Tasmanian beef industry.​

  Beef Trust 2019-20 Financial Statements   (182Kb)

  2018-19 Annual Report   (139Kb)​
​  2018-19 Financial Statements   (2Mb)

Previous Grant Recipients​​

​Attached is a report listing grant recipients, project name and amount funded 1991-2014.

  Beef Trust Previous Grant Recipients   (114Kb)


Enquiries about grant funding and other Beef Trust matters should be directed to:

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
56a Charles Street
PO Box 193
Launceston  Tas  7250
Phone: (03) 6332 1800 or 1800 154 111 (within Tasmania)