Transferring Cattle on the NLIS Database

When to Transfer Cattle on the NLIS Database

There are two situations where you are responsible for transferring cattle on the NLIS Database.

1. If you bought cattle privately: if you have received cattle on to your property, please ensure that the following correct information is provided to the NLIS database:
  • PIC where the cattle moved from.
  • The PIC of your property.
  • The date of movement of the cattle (you have 7 days to record this transfer)
  • The NLIS identification numbers (either visual number or electronic number) for each animal that arrived.
  • The National Vendor Declaration (NVD) number if available.

If you purchased the cattle at a saleyard then the saleyard is responsible to transfer the cattle to your property. Make sure that you provide the saleyard with the correct PIC for your property. Cattle moving to and from shows and sporting events should be transferred on the NLIS Database by the show society or event organiser.

2. If you move cattle to an agistment or lease property and you are responsible for the management of the cattle whilst they are on the new property, please ensure you provide the following correct information to the NLIS Database:
  • PIC the cattle moved from (generally your PIC)
  • PIC the cattle moved to (property code you are agisting)
  • The date of movement of the cattle (you have 7 days to record this transfer)
  • The NLIS identification number (either visual number or electronic number) for each animal

If the cattle return to your property you must again provide the correct information as detailed above to the NLIS database except the PIC the cattle moved from and the PIC the cattle moved to will be different.

* If you are agisting/leasing an entire property you have the option of amalgamating the PIC of this property onto your PIC, in this case you won't have to notify the NLIS Database of any cattle movement. For more information please contact the Registrar of Brands (1300 368 550).

How to Provide Information to the NLIS Database

There are three different ways in which you can provide information to the NLIS Database.

1. Over the Internet

If you have access to the Internet then you can create an account for your property on the NLIS database by going to and clicking on "Create an account". You will need to supply your PIC and other personal details along with an email address to correctly set up the account. The NLIS database will issue your user name and password within 7 days of the request.

Once you have set up your account you can transfer cattle on or off your property over the Internet.

The information can be manually typed in if you have manually read the NLIS identification of the cattle.

Alternatively you can scan the cattle, download the information onto your computer and then copy-paste it into the NLIS Database. If you require a scanner they are available for hire from many Service Tasmania Shops and DPIPWE offices.

2. Fax a form to the NLIS Database

For movements of 20 head or less the required information can be provided by completing a form and faxing the form to the NLIS database.

The information has to be typed in by staff at the database and any discrepancies sorted out by contacting you. This is a time consuming method, expensive and more prone to having errors occur.

Forms can be purchased from NLIS Database helpdesk by calling 1800 654 743.

3. Through a 3rd Party Provider

Other people that have an account on the NLIS database can be authorised to do the transfers of cattle for your property. You will need to contact the NLIS database to arrange this authorisation (1800 654 743).

Agents may also have the facility to complete the transfer on your behalf. You will need to make arrangements with your agent if you want them to complete the transfer on the NLIS database, as they are not responsible for transferring the cattle unless they have moved through a saleyard.

Other 3rd parties may also be authorised to complete transfer such as Herd Recording companies or private contractors providing this service.


NLIS Forms and Requests

GPO Box 44,
Hobart, TAS, 7001.

Registrar of Animal Brands

Biosecurity Tasmania,
Product Integrity Branch, Primary Produce Traceability Program,
New Town Research Laboratories,
13 St Johns Avenue - New Town - Tasmania 7008,
GPO Box 44,
New Town, TAS, 7008.