Grant Round 1 - Sheep and Goat Electronic Identification (eID) Support Scheme

​​​​​​​​​​​Grant Round 1 of the the Sheep and Goat Electronic Identification (eID) Support Scheme is now open. 

 Grant Guidelines Sheep and Goat eID (PDF 168Kb)

The Support Scheme is intended to facilitate the installation of required infrastructure and equipment to establish eID scanning at crucial points throughout the sheep and goat supply chain. 

This will help support the implementation of mandatory individual eID for sheep and goats from 1 January 2025. 

Eligible applicants for this first round include:

  • Saleyards

  • Processors

  • Transport Depots

  • Livestock Transporters

  • Livestock Agencies and Agents

If you are one of the above eligible entities, we are now accepting applications online:

Applications must be received before 12pm on Thursday 13 June 2024

Late applications cannot be accepted. 

For sheep and goat producers and show societies, a second funding round will start on 1 July 2024. More information will be available soon.

​Advice to applicants​​ 

Applicantions must be submitted online​

Please note: 

  • ​applications must be submitted by 12pm (Hobart time) on Thursday, 13 June 2024 – late applications cannot be accepted

  • applications must include costing and details of the proposed works

  • supporting documentation must be uploaded to the online portal with your application

  • once an application is submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation email receipt​

Application FAQs​

Can someone from NRE Tas advise me whether I am eligible to apply for the grant round?​​

It is up to applicants to determine whether they meet the eligibility requirements for a grant. If you are unsure and wish to discuss your proposal, please contact the Industry Support Officer, whose contact details are at the end of this FAQs section. 

Can someone from NRE Tas help me with my application?

NRE Tas will provide general information and advice on completing your application. To maintain the fairness and integrity of the application process, applicants can only be offered general information or help with their applications.

What happens if I submit an incomplete application?​​

If a submitted grant application is incomplete or missing information, the applicant may be contacted by the agency and asked for further information or documentation.

During the assessment phase, applicants may be contacted if a technical fault is apparent. The applicant may re-submit the documentation requested.

How long does a grant application take to complete?​

Generally, the time spent in producing an application and the level of detail involved depends on the amount requested and the complexity of the proposal.  

Can I get help using SmartyGrants? ​

SmartyGrants is a software used by NRE Tas to capture the information needed from our grant applicants. For technical support specifically related to SmartyGrants, contact the Industry Support Officer, whose contact details are at the end of this FAQs section. They may be able to guide you over the phone. 

Can I modify my submitted grant application? 

Once an application is submitted to SmartyGrants, the application is considered final, and no changes can be made.

Do I have to provide supporting documents?​

Yes, you need to attach documents that help demonstrate evidence of need. Supporting documents help the Assessment Panel understand your proposal more clearly and are particularly useful for larger requests. 

How should I format my attachments?​

Follow this guide when attaching files to your grant application: 

  • PDF (.pdf) is the preferred format for all attachments where appropriate. 
  • JPEG’s (.jpeg) or PNG (.png) files are the preferred format when attaching photos.
  • Name your files appropriately so they make sense and are easily locatable for assessors. 
  • If files have multiple pages, combine the files so that you are not attaching them separately page by page to an application
  • Please combine groups of files that can be logically grouped together into a single PDF. This helps assessors to navigate the files more easily (eg a series of quotes). 
  • Keep your attachments to a reasonable number. 
  • Ensure file sizes are not too large so they can be accessed easily by assessors. SmartyGrants has a maximum file limit of 25 megabytes. However, it is strongly recommended you try to keep files under 5 megabytes.

If you are attaching files, you need to allow sufficient time for the file to be uploaded to the page. You should not navigate to another page until the file has been successfully attached, otherwise the file upload will be cancelled. 

After attaching the files to your application, please check that the files can be downloaded correctly before submitting your application form. 

How will my application be assessed?​

Before proceeding to assessment, NRE Tas will undertake a pre-assessment of all applications to ensure that the application is eligible. 

Only eligible applications will proceed to the assessment stage. All eligible applications will then be assessed by an Independent Assessment Panel. Applications will be assessed against each of the Grant Scheme selection criteria. 

Applications will be assessed on merit. Depending on the number of eligible applications received, it may not be possible to fully support all eligible applications. ​


eID Support Officer

Mobile: 0429 968 078