Pastures and Crops

​​​​Choosing pastures

Maintaining and choosing pasture species to meet the needs of your enterprise requires an understanding of pasture rotation and grazing pressures from different livestock types.  The Species for Profit publication provides you with information on grass selections, rotational considerations and consideration of choices on pasture legumes for grazing.

 Species for Profit 2021 (PDF 2Mb)

Managing native pastures

Native pastures underpin the long-term productivity, profitability and sustainability of grazing activities on many Tasmanian properties. They are also a significant vegetation community for conserving native plants and animals, and maintaining stable and healthy soils.

The Managing Tasmanian Native Pastures Guide provides information about managing native pastures in Tasmania. It has been written with input and involvement from Tasmanian graziers.

The aim of this guide is to provide information that will help you manage native pastures. The emphasis is on the conservation and sustainable management of these semi-natural ecosystems in the context of a productive farm enterprise.

Pasture and forage pests

Various insect pests can greatly reduce the productivity of your pastures.  The Tasmanian Pasture and Forage Pests publication provides you with text, colour images and diagrams to describe the various insect pests and their life cycles. Identification of pests is the first step in determining control and management strategies.

Management of wildlife browsing can also help in maintaining your pasture productivity. You will find information on the various options through the Managing Wildlife Browsing and Grazing Losses webpage.

Crop se​lection

Enterprise suitability maps can assist farmers and prospective investors to analyse potential crop or enterprise options for a property or district. The information is intended as a guide to the further on-farm investigations and business analysis required before making investment decisions. The Enterprise Suitability Toolkit will take you to more information about the maps and how to use them.

Gross Margin Analysis Tools can assist in determining the profitability of various crop types. Because of the large variation in environmental conditions and management systems it is impossible to produce any budget that has universal applicability. As a consequence all the spreadsheets are designed to allow the user to enter data (yields, costs, prices) that best suit their own environment and management system.



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