Starting a Business From Your Property

​​​Am I a primary producer?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has specific guidelines regarding your status as a primary producer for tax purposes.  The ATO has individual financial year advice for Primary Producers including the financial year ending 2​02​3​​​.

What can I grow or do on my property?

Making decisions about how to develop your property requires consideration of the environmental conditions and what the returns of investment are on ventures. The Enterprise Suitability Toolkit provides geograhpical information regarding suitability of a number of horticulture and agricultural crops. The Enterprise suitability maps can assist farmers and prospective investors to analyse potential crop or enterprise options for a property or district. The information provided in the tool kit is intended as a guide to the further on-farm investigations and business analysis required before making investment decisions.

A number of Farm Business Planning Tools are available to help you with farm business decisions. These tools include gross margin analysis tools, designing successful business templates and financial management tools.

Resources to help start a small business

It is important to consider what business planning you need to undertake in starting and growing a new venture on your property. 

The links below provide a number of general resources to help you along the path to business planning, including on funding assistance and contacts to assist you. 

Business Tasmania provides all the information and services you need to help you start, run and grow your business in Tasmania. The links below will guide you to direct information on starting a business, grants for business development and mentoring services available.

Contacts for business advice

Enterprise Centres Tasmania can support you with clear and considered advice through one-on-one consultation, workshops and networking events.  Enterprise Centres Tasmania is a free service supported by the Tasmanian Government and is designed for every stage of your business life.

Rural Business Tasmania (RBT) provides a number of financial counselling services and business mentoring programs specifically tailored for regional and rural business owners.  They are also the providers for the Rural Financial Counselling Service providing confidential and independent counsel to primary producers, fishermen and small rural businesses who are suffering financial hardship, and have no alternative sources of impartial support.



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