Bushfires on Farming Properties

My Climate View​ - providing farmers with tailored insights into their changing climate

Fuel reduction burns​, ​Tasmania Fire Service​

Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI)

​​​​Current bushfire situation, TasALERT

Bushfire checklist, Business Tasmania​ 

​Stock and farm animals​

 Include your Animals in your Bushfire Plan (PDF 199Kb)

Animals ​and Bushfire​, NRE Tas

Equine Emergency Planning Fact Sheets,​ NRE Tas​

Animal welfare during bushfires, NRE Tas

​​Horses and livestock in Emergencies​, Agriculture Victoria​

Planning for Emergencies - a guide for animal holding establishments, Department of Primary Industries NSW

Prepare your horse f​or bushfire, NSW Rural Fire Service

Haystack fire – handy hints​, Victorian Farmers Federation 

Containment feeding of stock, Sheep Connect South Australia 

Feeding and watering livestock after a fire, NRE tas

  FAQ Accessing Fodder in Emergency Situations (94Kb)

Feeding pellets to livestock after a fire, NRE Tas

Fire affected livestock – Ongoing Assessment and Care, NRE Tas

Assessing bushfire burns in livestock, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Assessing cattle after a bushfire, Agriculture Victoria

Assessing sheep after a bushfire​, Agriculture Victoria

Disposal of animal carcasses, NRE Tas

Where to purchase fodder​​​

  • Fodder and feed supplies can be purchased through the following:

  • Rural merchandisers

  • Commercial suppliers of prepared fodder

  • Livestock agents

  • Advertised sales in Tas Country Newspaper

  • Social Media and web-based sales sites (search for example phrases like “Hay for Sale Tassie”, “Fodder Traders Tasmania”, Tassie Farm Supplies” or similar”). ​​


  Bushfire Plan - includes information on pets  (411Kb), NRE Tas

Protect your pet in a disaster ​- checklist and free disaster pack, Agriculture Victoria

Preparing a first aid kit for animals, PetPlan

  Emergency Stress Management for Domestic Pets  (460Kb), RSPCA


Wildlife welfare during and after bushfires, NRE Tas

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife, NRE Tas


Pasture recovery after bushfires, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Managing weed spread after fire, NRE Tas

Water Quality​​

​​Water qualit​y for farm water supplies, Agriculture Victoria

Managing dams - Protecting water supplies with sediment fence​, Agriculture Victoria 

Fire Affected Crops​​

​​Recovery from​ fire damage in blueberry crops, Agriculture Victoria

Recovery from fire damage in fruit orchards, Agriculture Victoria

Recovery from fire damage in olive groves​​, Agriculture Victoria

Recovery from fire damage in rubus crops​, Agriculture Victoria​ ​

​Fire Recovery​ ​

Damaged fencing due to a natural disaster​, Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania

Health tips for returning home after a bushfire, Department of Health


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