Tasmanian Pasture and Forage Pests

Pasture and Forage Pests book coverTasmanian Pasture and Forage Pests : Identification, Biology and Control / Peter McQuillan, John Ireson, Lionel Hill and Catherine Young

Publisher: Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries and Water, 2007
ISBN 072466761X

This publication was produced with the cooperation of the then Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research and the University of Tasmania. Financial support for the publication was provided by Australian Wool Innovations through the Pasture Solutions project.
The book uses text, colour images and diagrams to describe the various insect pests and their life cycles. Identification of pests is the first step in determining control and management strategies. Specific control methods are not included to ensure that control is determined by assessing the whole system in which the pest is found.

The publication is useful to a diverse range of people including farmers, consultants, students and those generally interested in natural sciences.

This book is available online and can be downloaded below.

Tasmanian Pasture and Forage Pests (complete book) (1.76 MB)