Tasmanian Viticultural Soils and Geology Map

​Can you taste the soil differences in Tasmanian wine?

The map, Tasmanian Viticultural Soils and Geology, gives a broad overview of the seven major viticulturally relevant rock types in Tasmania. These include:
  • Ordovician Sediments of the north east
  • Permian Sedimentary Rocks
  • Triassic Sedimentary Rocks
  • Jurassic Dolerite
  • Tertiary Basalt
  • Tertiary Sediments
  • Quaternary Windblown Sands
For each of these parent materials at least one representative soil profile is presented.

This map is a simple reference for the wine enthusiast wishing to discover the influence of soil on Tasmanian Wine Quality. It is useful for vineyard developers and investors in understanding the broad themes of Tasmania's viticultural resources. It is also useful for scientists, regulators, farmers and students in gaining a broad overview of Tasmania's agricultural soils and geology.

Download the map:

  Tasmanian Viticultur​al Soils and Geology Map   (4Mb)

Note the Tasmaian Viticultural Soils and Geology Map is no longer available in hard copy.​