Aquaculture Regulation and Planning

​​Aquaculture in Tasmania operates in accordance with key pieces of legislation that together facilitate marine farming development plans, permits, leases and licences.

About the Aquaculture Branch​

The Aquaculture Branch sits within the Primary Industries and Water Division of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania. 

It is responsible for working with and across the different aquaculture sectors, the community, research organisations and other Government agencies to support the sustainable development and operation of aquaculture within Tasmania. 

The Aquaculture Branch regulates Tasmanian aquaculture operations in accordance with Marine Farming Development Plans, permits, leases and licences. 

Legislation and Regulatory Bodies

The Aquaculture Branch works in partnership with related regulatory bodies and agencies to manage and administer aquaculture in Tasmania under a robust legislative framework. ​

Marine Farming Development Plans

Marine Farming Development Plans formally set out where marine farming can occur in Tasmanian waters and which species are permitted to be farmed within each marine farming zone.

Leasing, Licencing and Permits

Aquaculture operations in Tasmania take place under lease, licensing and permitting arrangements​. Get guidance and make an application to obtain or amend a lease, licence or permit.

Learn more about leasing, licencing and permits.


Aquaculture Branch

Primary Industries & Water Division
Lands Building,
Level 3, 134 Macquarie Street,
Hobart, TAS, 7000.