Licence Applications

​​​​​Marine farming licences are required to undertake aquaculture activities within a marine farming lease. Licences outline the terms and conditions relating to how a marine farm is operated.

Acquiring a Licence

A marine farming operator must be licenced under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 prior to undertaking aquaculture activities. 

Marine farming licences, in addition to the management controls contained in the marine farming development plan and marine farming leases, outline detailed terms and conditions relating to marine farming operations.

Operators must hold a marine farming lease or sub-lease prior to applying for a licence. Existing marine farming licences can be found on the Tasmanian Government’s online map application, LISTmap​.

Licence Fees

​Marine farming licences are subject to fees, which vary according to the number and type of species being farmed. 

Licences are also subject to a range of compulsory industry levies, including the Seafood Industry Tasmania levy applicable to all aquaculture activities. 

​Under the Tasmanian Salmon Industry Plan 2023​, the costs of managing Tasmania’s salmon industry are fully cost recovered from 1 July 2023. Costs are recovered through a levy on salmonid marine farming licences. Find out more information about full cost recovery.

A full list of licence fees and levies are available on the relevant licence application forms below.​​

How to Apply

As a first step, it is important to review the existing Marine Farming Development Plan​ covering the area of interest, which contains information about the location, size and which species are permitted to be farmed, within each marine farming zone. 

Before proceeding further, applicants are then advised to contact the Aquaculture Branch.  

As every application is different, a staff member will explain the process in full and discuss options specific to individual applications.