Storm Bay North Marine Farming Development Plan


Petuna Pty Ltd (Petuna) requested approval 22 September 2017 to prepare Draft Storm Bay North Marine Farming Development Plan (the Plan). The new Plan creates a new marine farming zone (Zone 1) located in central north Storm​ Bay and is approximately 5km south-east of Betsey Island at its closest point. Zone 1 is approximately 430 hectares with a maximum leasable area of 273 hectares. 


Public exhibition documents​

​ The draft Plan and accompanying environmental impact statement (EIS) were exhibited for public comment for two months closing 9 February 2018.  ​

  Cover Draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (368Kb)

  Draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (2Mb)

  EIS to accompany draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (12Mb)

  Appendix 1 Petuna EMS Summary   (515Kb)

  Appendix 2 TSGA Biosecurity Program - Issue 1-0   (4Mb)

  Appendix 3 South-east operations environmental noise assessment   (8Mb)

  Appendix 4 Initial Environmental Assessment for the Establishment of a New Marine Farming Zone   (6Mb)

  Appendix 5 Environmental Best Management Practice guidelines for In situ Net Cleaning   (2Mb)

  Appendix 6 DEPOMOD outputs   (3Mb)

  Appendix 7 Overview Modelled Outputs for Storm Bay   (3Mb)

  Appendix 8 Lease Water Quality Data   (625Kb)

  Appendix 9 Indicative Storm Bay Environmental Monitoring Program   (2Mb)

  Appendix 10 Visual Impact Assessment Petuna Storm Bay   (8Mb)

  Appendix 11 Wildlife Interaction Plan (Macquarie Harbour)   (2Mb)

  Appendix 12 Seabirds in Storm Bay - Birdlife Tas   (732Kb)

  Appendix 13 Fish species in Storm Bay from Fishmap 2012   (320Kb)

​​Planning process and supporting documents

Following the public exhibition, the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel received a report from the Planning Authority (PA) containing:
  1. ​a copy of each representation received;
  2. a copy of each request for a hearing received;
  3. a detailed response from Petuna in relation to major issues raised in each representation;
  4. the PA's statement of its opinion as to the merit of each representation and the impact on the draft Plan as a whole; and 
  5. recommendations in relation to the draft Plan
The Panel conducted public hearings and undertook detailed consideration of the draft Plan, before making a recommendation to the Minister in relation to the draft Plan, as set out in the Panel's report (below).

The Plan was approved 2 April 2019.

 Download th​​e Plan:
Download​ the supporting documents:​