Storm Bay North Marine Farming Development Plan

​Petuna Pty Ltd (Petuna) requested approval 22 September 2017 to prepare Draft Storm Bay North Marine Farming Development Plan (the Plan). 

The new Plan creates a new marine farming zone (Zone 1) located in central north Storm​ Bay and is approximately 5km south-east of Betsey Island at its closest point. Zone 1 is approximately 430 hectares with a maximum leasable area of 273 hectares. ​​

Public exhibition documents​​​

​ The draft Plan and accompanying environmental impact statement (EIS) were exhibited for public comment for two months closing 9 February 2018.  ​

  Cover Draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (368Kb)

  Draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (2Mb)

  EIS to accompany draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (12Mb)

  Appendix 1 Petuna EMS Summary   (515Kb)

  Appendix 2 TSGA Biosecurity Program - Issue 1-0   (4Mb)

  Appendix 3 South-east operations environmental noise assessment   (8Mb)

  Appendix 4 Initial Environmental Assessment for the Establishment of a New Marine Farming Zone   (6Mb)

  Appendix 5 Environmental Best Management Practice guidelines for In situ Net Cleaning   (2Mb)

  Appendix 6 DEPOMOD outputs   (3Mb)

  Appendix 7 Overview Modelled Outputs for Storm Bay   (3Mb)

  Appendix 8 Lease Water Quality Data   (625Kb)

  Appendix 9 Indicative Storm Bay Environmental Monitoring Program   (2Mb)

  Appendix 10 Visual Impact Assessment Petuna Storm Bay   (8Mb)

  Appendix 11 Wildlife Interaction Plan (Macquarie Harbour)   (2Mb)

  Appendix 12 Seabirds in Storm Bay - Birdlife Tas   (732Kb)

  Appendix 13 Fish species in Storm Bay from Fishmap 2012   (320Kb)

​​​Planning process and supporting documents​​​

Following the public exhibition, the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel received a report from the Planning Authority (PA) containing:

  1. ​a copy of each representation received;

  2. a copy of each request for a hearing received;

  3. a detailed response from Petuna in relation to major issues raised in each representation;

  4. the PA's statement of its opinion as to the merit of each representation and the impact on the draft Plan as a whole; and 

  5. recommendations in relation to the draft Plan

The Panel conducted public hearings and undertook detailed consideration of the draft Plan, before making a recommendation to the Minister in relation to the draft Plan, as set out in the Panel's report (below).

The Plan was approved 2 April 2019.

Download th​​e Plan:

  Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (901Kb)

Download​ the supporting documents:​