Proposed Draft Amendment No.1 - Tasman Peninsula and Norfolk Bay

​​​​​An application has been received to amend the Tasman Peninsula and Norfolk Bay Marine Farming Development Plan.​

What does the draft amendment propose to do?

The draft amendment proposes to:
  1. Increase the area of Zone 9A (Eaglehawk Bay) from 49.59 to 85.66 hectares to allow for an increase in the lease area available to farm shellfish.
  2. Increase the maximum leasable area within Zone 9A from 32.50 to 67.89 hectares to accommodate the increased lease area.​

How is the proposal being assessed?

Preparing a draft amendment involves several non-statutory and statutory processes, following the process under the Marine Farming Planning Act 1995.

The draft amendment was open for public exhibition from 13 January 2024 to 12 March 2024. An online public information session was offered for those with an interest in the draft amendment to clarify their understanding of the proposal and help inform the representation process.

Since the closing of the public exhibition period, the Planning Authority has been preparing a report for consideration by the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel.

For more information about the next stages of the planning process, contact the Aquaculture Branch.

​​​​​Supporting documents

 Draft amendment no. 1 - Turrakana Tasman Peninsula and Norfolk Bay MFDP - Zone 9A (PDF 868Kb)

 Draft amendment no. 1 Tasman Peninsula and Norfolk Bay MFDP - Environmental Impact Statement Sept 2023 (PDF 3Mb)

 EIS Appendix 1 - ShellMAP - Eaglehawk Bay Sanitary Survey (PDF 418Kb)

 EIS Appendix 2 - ShellMAP - Eaglehawk Bay Management Plan 2018 (PDF 609Kb)

 EIS Appendix 3 - Stakeholder meeting - Taranna Boat Club (PDF 313Kb)

 EIS Appendix 4 - MoU - Taranna Boat Club - Cameron of Tas (PDF 545Kb)

 EIS Appendix 5 - IMAS Zone Assessment Report June 2020 (PDF 3Mb)

 EIS Appendix 6 - Aboriginal Heritage Desktop Review May 2022 (PDF 86Kb)

 EIS Appendix 7 - Risk Assessment Worksheet (PDF 350Kb)

 EIS Appendix 8 - Handfish survey report Sept 2023 (PDF 991Kb)