Aquaculture Species in Tasmania

​​​​Tasmania has a diverse aquaculture industry producing several commercially farmed species, with both established and emerging operations that vary in scale and production output. 

Salmon Farming

Tasmania has the most valuable salmon industry in Australia, with the largest marine salmon-farming area in the country supplying over 90 per cent of Australian Atlantic salmon production.

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Oyster Farming

Tasmanian oysters are recognised as some of the highest quality in Australia. With several operators across the state, oyster farming is one of Tasmania’s leading aquaculture sectors. 

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Abalone Farming

Abalone farming is a developing sector of the Tasmanian aquaculture industry, with several abalone farms operating across the state demonstrating promising growth. 

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Seaweed Farming

As a promising emerging industry, Tasmania is leading innovative research trials exploring the benefits of commercial seaweed farming in the state. 

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​Other Species

​Tasmania is home to several aquaculture operations that are focused on the small-scale farming of other species, including seahorses and mussels.

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