Marine Farm Planning Proposals

​​Documentation relating to current planning processes

No planning proposals are currently exhibited.​

​Documentation relating to previous planning processes

​For documentation relating to other historical planning processes, please contact the Aquaculture Branch.

​​Environmental impact st​atement guidelines

A marine farming planning proposal must be supported by an environmental impact statement (EIS). An EIS must:

  • ​disclose any available information relating to the environmental impact of the proposal
  • address any matter required by the Director, EPA if it relates to finfish farming
  • ​​contain information appropriate to the significance of the proposal to the environment and likely public interest​​​

Where a planning change is not of a substantial nature or likely to have any significant effect on the environment, an EIS may not be required.

The Department prepares specific guidelines for each proposal to help the proponent prepare its EIS. Proposal specific guidelines are based on a generic template.

Generic template guidelines for an EIS relating to finfish are available below. This template forms the basis of guidance for either a new marine farming development plan or an amendment to an existing plan.

  Generic template EIS guideline (finfish)   (687Kb)