​​​​​​Discussion Paper: Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan

​​​Members of the public were invited to have their say on the Discussion Paper: Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan. Consultation is now closed.

The Discussion Paper sought to canvas the views of stakeholders to inform the development of the new 10-Year Salmon Plan. It outlines the strategic policy drivers for the aquaculture sector, including Tasmanian salmon, proposes policy outcomes Government could seek to enable a sustainable, resilient and innovative salmon industry, and presents a range of focus areas for consideration.​

 Discussion Paper Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan (PDF 2Mb)​

 SUMMARY Discussion Paper Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan (PDF 350Kb)

 Addendum A - Tasmanian Regulatory Framework for Aquaculture (PDF 216Kb)

 Addendum B - Preformal Early Engagement Summary Report (PDF 311Kb)

 Questions and Answers (PDF 374Kb)

See also the Government Response to the Legislative Council Inquiry into Finfish Farming in Tasmania (PDF).​

​Next steps​​

Submissions received on the Discussion Paper will help inform development of the 10-Year Salmon Plan and will be reported on separately in late 2022.

Submissions may be published in accordance with the Tasmanian Government’s Public Submissions Policy.

Contact salmonengagement@nre.tas.gov.au with general queries.