​​​​ShellMAP is a partnership agreement working to ensure Tasmanian shellfish is enjoyed safely, while forging opportunities for industry innovation, research and development.​

About ShellMAP

The Shellfish Market Access Program (ShellMAP) ensures the safe harvesting of Tasmanian bivalve molluscs and abalone. The aims of ShellMAP are:
  • minimising risk of potential illness
  • avoiding food recalls
  • optimising market access
  • protecting industry and brand.
​ShellMAP is a partnership between the Tasmanian Government, Oysters Tasmania and Seafood Industry Tasmania (formerly Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council). It values a close connection to industry, a celebration of Tasmanian food culture and collaboration between project partners.

​Seafood Food Safety

Ensuring food produced in Tasmania's primary production and processing sectors is safe to eat is an important step in ensuring the wellbeing of consumers. It is also important to the protection of Tasmania's reputation as a producer of safe and clean food to allow ongoing market access and premium prices for Tasmania products.

Grower Guides and Resources

Find resources, information and application forms that support the facilitation of a healthy industry, including the Tasmanian Shellfish Grower Handbook.

Learn more about grower guides and resources.

Biotoxins and Chemical Testing

ShellMAP undertakes rigorous monitoring of biotoxin and chemical levels, and designs and oversees effective responses to ensure Tasmania’s shellfish industry remains healthy and safe. 

Learn more about biotoxins and chemical testing​.

Growing and Harvest Areas 

ShellMAP maintains a list of approved growing areas in Tasmania, their management plans, and their current harvesting status permitting where harvesting can take place. 

​Learn more about growing and harvest areas​.

Oyster Farming

​Tasmanian oysters are recognised as some of the highest quality in Australia. With several operators across the state, oyster farming is one of Tasmania’s leading aquaculture sectors. 

Learn more about oyster farming.

Recreational Harvesting of Shellfish

There are many areas in Tasmania where bivalve shellfish may be found. ShellMAP does not routinely monitor non-commercial shellfish growing areas.

Recreational shellfish should not be consumed from the following areas or periods:
  • marinas or other areas potentially subject to boat discharges
  • areas adjacent to sewage, industrial or stormwater outfalls
  • areas where septic tanks may be failing
  • following heavy rainfall events
  • areas impacted by toxic algal blooms.
The Public Health Advisory states that it is unsafe to consume recreational shellfish from the entire east coast of Tasmania. On occasion, the Public Health Advisory also issues specific warnings against recreational shellfish harvesting in certain areas.

Shellfish in shops and restaurants in Tasmania are safe to eat because they come from commercial growing areas that are regulated by ShellMAP.

For more information, visit the Public Health Advisory website​ or call the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.