About ShellMAP

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Delivering food safety and market access through ShellMAP provides support to industry to maximise its economic viability, growth and value.

​Key Activities

ShellMAP provides three key services to achieve its aim of protecting public health and shellfish market access in Tasmania:

Regulatory services

​Delivering an evidence-based risk management approach to ensure the safe consumption of farmed shellfish.

​Industry development 

Ensuring that innovation and best practice is fostered and implementing to encourage a competitive industry.

​Operational services

Supporting the industry through undertaking monitoring and sampling that ensures safe farming and harvest conditions.

ShellMAP Regulatory Framework

ShellMAP is located within the Aquaculture Branch of the Marine Resources Strategic Business Unit. 

ShellMAP’s Authorised Officer scientists are appointed under the Primary Produce Safety Act 2011, with specific appointment to the Seafood Regulations 2014. ShellMAP’s operations cover safe harvesting of regulated fish species, which includes bivalve molluscs (oysters, mussels, periwinkles, cockles) and abalone. 

ShellMAP is the Shellfish Control Authority (SCA) under the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (ASQAP) guidelines, which form the basis of the Export Standards 2004, which allows for export and international market access. 

ShellMAP is audited by the Federal Department of Agriculture to ensure scientific sampling, testing, data analysis and reporting meets Export Standards and ASQAP Guidelines. 

Learn more about ShellMAP's Regulatory Framework:

ShellMAP Levy

​The scientific monitoring and testing that ShellMAP undertakes to meet market access requirements is funded through the ShellMAP levy, which is paid by shellfish growers.

ShellMAP Management Committee

​ShellMAP operates under a collaborative partnership between the Tasmanian Government, Oysters Tasmania and Seafood Industry Tasmania (formerly Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council). 

The ShellMAP Partnership Management Committee brings together representatives from each partner and is led by an independent chair. 

The current Management Committee membership includes:

Management Committee Membership
​Ian Cartwright​
​Independent Chair
​Edward Forbes
ShellMAP Acting Program Manager​
​Dr Ian Dutton
General Manager Marine Resources, NRE Tas​
​Eric Brain
​Aquaculture Branch Manager, NRE Tas
​Julian Harrington
Seafood Industry Tasmania CEO​
​Duncan Spender
Oysters Tasmania CEO​
Dan Roden​​Grower Representative, Tas Cleanwater Oysters
​Hayden Dyke
​Grower Representative, Oyster Bay Oysters
​Josh Poke
​Grower Representative, Tasmanian Oyster Co.