Clinical Chemistry and Haematology


Clin Path and Chemistry

Sample type

Minimum Sample required

Pepsinogen​​ EDTA, heparinised or clotted whole blood
5 ml
Biochemical testsHeparinised or clotted blood
5 ml
UrinalysisUrine (sterile container)10 ml
GlucoseFluoride Oxalate whole blood
5 ml

Common Sendaway Tests (additional  freight and handling charges will apply)

Please contact the laboratory to discuss other tests that may be offered by external laboratories) ​

Copper/zinc ​Heparinised or clotted blood10 ml

(fresh, not fixed)

5 g
Glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx)

Heparinised whole blood or EDTA whole blood

10 ml
Vitamin B12Heparinised or clotted blood 10 ml

​Heparinised whole blood or EDTA whole blood

​10 ml

Note: For a full Blood Trace Minerals panel (Copper, GSHPx and B12) one 10 mL lithium heparin tube per animal is sufficient (clotted blood can also be used but this is not the preferred sample and additional processing charges may apply). 


(test not covered by our current scope of accreditation)

Ocular Fluid/ Serum/ Plasma1ml​​​


(tests not covered by our current scope of accreditation​)

Note: EDTA tubes must be filled to the mark.


​Sample Type

​Minimum Sample required

Complete Blood Cou​nt​​ (CBC)

EDTA whole blood and blood smear

5 ml

Packed Cell Volume (PCV)

EDTA whole blood

5 ml​


Note: If practicable, a blood film should be prepared at the time of blood collection to avoid sample deterioration which can alter the morphology of blood cells. Do not expose the smears to condensation or formalin vapour.

Label smears (with pencil) to correspond to the EDTA and animal ID.