Fish Microbiology

​​​​​​​​Regardless of sample type, submissions should be received at AHL within 24 hours of collection.

Specimen collection/receipt times can greatly affect laboratory results.

Please contact the Microbiology laboratory to discuss your needs before submitting samples.

P: (03) 6777 2116


All samples must be accompanied by a submission form. Forms are also available on request from the laboratory. Please ensure to record the property PIC number and, if appropriate, the lease number.

Bacteriology field collection kits are available from the laboratory.

For further information on sample collection refer to -

  Guidelines and Procedures Manual for Field Sampling of Fish for Disease Investigation and Health Monitoring   (609Kb)

Sample Type​​​​​​CollectionComments


e.g. Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout

Visible signs of disease (e.g. ulcers, pop-eye, lesions): send these fish with specific lesions

NO sign of visible disease: select moribund or languid fish

Pack fish on crushed ice

If sampling on farm, use bacteriology field kits and collect samples from suspected sites of infection; see Fish Disease Investigation Kit instructions

Molluscs/ Crustaceans

e.g. abalone, oyster, rock lobster

Send whole animalsSubmit animals in an insulated box, with ice bricks surrounding animals
Larval materialCollect larvae in sterile 20-50 ml containers with water from which they came.Pack insulated box with an ice-brick


Animal Health Laboratory - Specimen Reception

(Postal) PO Box 46,
(Delivery) 165 Westbury Road,