​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Faecal egg counts and larval differentiation are an indication of the degree and type of worm burden. Host resistance, pregnancy, lactation, starvation or diarrhoea will influence faecal egg counts.

Provide the following information at submission​ - 

  • history of treatment;
  • stocking rates;
  • grazing rotation; and
  • pasture condition.

Submit samples in appropriate air tight, leak proof containers.

​More information is available ​from the Wormboss website.​

Wormtest kits are available free of charge. Please contact the laboratory.

Download the current test pricelist:

  Animal Health Laboratories Current Fees   (262Kb)

​Parasitology TestSample TypeMinimum Sample requiredNotes
Composite Ova Count / Wormtestfaecal samples10 x 4 gOvine Wormtest Kit
​Individual Faecal Ova Counts ​ ​ ​
Sheep, Goats, Alpacasfaecal sample4 gOvine Wormtest kit
Bovine or Equine animalsfaecal sample10 gAppropriate Wormtest kit
Faecal egg count reduction test faecal samples from each group
10 x 4 g

Individual samples or composite drench groups.

Collect samples prior to drenching and 10-14 days later.

Ectoparasite Smear Testskin scraping/ hair Store at room temperature

Liver Fluke Test

faecal sample4 gTest may also be requested as part of a Wormtest.
Larval Culture and Separation Testfaeces collected from rectum
50 g

Exclude air from sample bag.

Store at room temperature.

Faecal Lungworm Detection Testfaeces collected from rectum
10 gStore cool
(not frozen).
Parasite Identificationparasite Store at room temperature
Hydatid Cyst Evaluationaffected organ 

Entire organ or section containing cysts.

Store cool

Liver Fluke Snail Identificationsnails (preferably alive)
 Escape proof container.


Tests not covered by our current NATA

scope of accreditation​

Parasitology TestSample TypeMinimum Sample requiredNotes
​Emergent Larvae Test​faecal sample​4 g
Giardia Concentration Testfaecal sample2 gStore cool (not frozen).
Pasture Spore Test
(contact the laboratory for the test price)
fresh pasture200 gTransport promptly to laboratory. Refrigerate if delayed​
Total Worm Count
Entire abomasu​m and first six metres of small intestine

Contact the Laboratory prior to submission.


Animal Health Laboratory - Specimen Reception
(Postal) PO Box 46
(Delivery) 165 Westbury Road
Phone: 03 6777 2111