​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General​ Laboratory LabFacts

AHL LabFact Completing a Submission form (PDF 186Kb)

AHL Laboratory Submission form (PDF 183Kb)

Animal Health Laboratories Current Fees (PDF 251Kb)

AHL Submissions Reports Feedback and Sample Retention (PDF 86Kb)​

Aquatic A​​nimals LabFacts

Fish Disease Investigation Kit (PDF 528Kb)

Guidelines and Procedures Manual for Field Sampling of Fish for Disease Investigation and Health Monitoring (PDF 533Kb)

Aquatic Animal Submission Form (PDF 188Kb)

AHL LabFact Unusual signs in wild fish (PDF 176Kb)

AHL LabFact Sampling for Virology testing (PDF 204Kb)​

Microbiol​​ogy LabFacts

AHL LabFact Bovine Infertility Investigation (PDF 208Kb)

AHL LabFact Campylobacter IgA (PDF 125Kb)

AHL LabFact Footrot - Collection of Sample​s(PDF 175Kb)

AHL LabFact footrot culture for sheep (PDF 109Kb)

AHL LabFact Honey Brood Comb submissions (PDF 243Kb)

Molecular Bio​​​logy LabFacts


AHL LabFact A salmonicida GUD sampling SEC-PCR (PDF 127Kb)

AHL LabFact Yruckeri sampling SEC-PCR (PDF 239Kb)

AHL LabFact Oyster sampling including OsHV1 (PDF 108Kb)

AHL LabFact Fpsychrophilum skin sampling (PDF 207Kb)

Parasitolo​gy​ LabFacts

AHL Labfact Getting the best from your Wormtest (PDF 116Kb)

AHL LabFact Getting the best from your Fluketest (PDF 108Kb)​

AHL LabFact Equine Wormtest - Sample Collection (PDF 88Kb)

AHL LabFact Equine Wormtest - What is it? (PDF 102Kb)

Equine Wormtest Advice Form (PDF 37Kb)

Ovine Wormtest Advice Form (PDF 40Kb)

Bovine Wormtest Advice Form (PDF 40Kb)

Pat​​hology LabFacts

AHL LabFact Field post mortem samples (PDF 204Kb)

AHL LabFact Wobbly possum syndrome (PDF 118Kb)

AHL LabFact Bovine Abortion Field Sampling (PDF 168Kb)

S​​er​​ology LabFacts

AHL LabFact Campylobacter IgA (PDF 125Kb)​

Tasman​​​ian devil Facial T​​umour LabFacts

AHL LabFact DFTD sample collection (PDF 190Kb)

Water M​icr​​obiology LabFacts

AHL LabFact Water Sampling Guidelines (PDF 191Kb)