Further Information and Important Reading



Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Publications:


  • Australian Beekeeping Guide (2014) RIRDC Publication No. 14/098
  • Treating European Foulbrood in Australian Honey Bees. Michael Hornitzky (2010) Publication No. 10/012; Project No. PRJ-000492
  • Honeybee disease barrier management systems - Case studies. Russell Goodman (2001). Publication No 01/052; Project No. DAV-167A
  • Hot wax dipping of beehive components for preservation and sterilisation. Russell Goodman (2001). Publication No. 01/051; Project No. DAV-167A
  • Fat Bees Skinny Bees – A manual on honey bee nutrition for beekeepers. Doug Somerville (2005). Project No. 05/054

Other Publications

  • World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals (2009)
  • Chapter 2.2.2. American foulbrood of honey bees;
  • Chapter 2.2.3. European foulbrood of honey bees
    • Managing AFB. Guidelines for the identification and management of American foulbrood – a fatal disease of honey bee colonies. Dr Doug Somerville (Technical Specialist Honey Bees): http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/558434/managing-afb.pdf
    • Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the use of Drugs: A Practical Manual for Beekeepers, by Mark Goodwin. Revised Edition 2006. National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand (Inc).
    • Sterilising beekeeping equipment infected with American foulbrood disease spores. Goodwin, RM, Haine, HM (1998); New Zealand Beekeeper (5) 9:13.

Relevant Legislation

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