Permit System for Newcastle Disease Vaccine

​​A permit system has been established to enable poultry growers to buy a Newcastle Disease vaccine direct from the manufacturers. As Newcastle Disease is listed as ‘prohibited matter’ in the Tasmanian Biosecurity Compendium (under the Biosecurity Act 2019​), a permit is needed to possess and use the vaccine; (there is no fee for a permit).

A Permit Application form is available to download below:

 Application for a Permit to Purchase, Possess and Administer Newcastle Disease Vaccine in Tasmania (PDF 450Kb)

For further information contact a Biosecurity Tasmania Veterinary Officer on email, or tel. (03) 6165 3777​.

Poultry growers who take advantage of the permit system will be required to meet three basic conditions, all of which are necessary for the vaccination program to be effective. Those three con​ditions are:

  • That the vaccine will be stored properly until it is used;
  • That the vaccine will be administered properly and in accordance with national standard operating procedures; and
  • That the grower will keep vaccination records for three years.

Details about the proper use of the vaccine are contained in the Standard Operating P​rocedures of the Animal Health Australia (AHA) National Newcastle Disease​ Manageme​​​nt Plan​​:​

 Newcastle Disease Vaccination Program – Standard Operating Procedures (PDF 391Kb)​

The Newcastle Disease National Management Group, comprising the national poultry industry and all Australian governments, agreed to a Newcastle Disease Management Strategy which includes compulsory vaccination of commercial flocks. This was in response to a series of Newcastle Disease outbreaks between 1998 and 2002 that were eradicated by the slaughter of large numbers of birds. The consequential costs to the industry and to the broader community from these outbreaks were considerable.
The outbreaks of Newcastle Disease on the mainland between 1998 and 2002 were the result of a mutation of the endemic virulent strain of Newcastle Disease Virus, known as V4, into the virulent strain that caused severe disease and led to the eradication program. The primary aim of Newcastle Disease Vaccination is to prevent such a mutation re-occurring in the future.

The compulsory vaccination requirement applies only to growers with 1,000 or more birds. In most cases, there is no need for owners of a small number of backyard poultry to vaccinate against Newcastle Disease. However, smallholders can still apply for a permit if they wish to do so.
To help them decide, Biosecurity Tasmania have prepared a Factsheet especially for people with fewer than 1,000 birds:

 Newcastle Disease in Poultry - Important information for people with a few backyard chickens (PDF 413Kb)

For further information:


Animal Disease Enquiries

13 St Johns Avenue,
New Town, TAS, 7008.