Animal Welfare Guidelines - Horses

​Horse welfare guidelines including diet, exercise, housing, foot and dental care and routine husbandry practices. Horse owners and those thinking of becoming owners will find this advice useful.

These Guidelines outline recommended levels of care for equines in Tasmania. It is intended for use as an animal welfare guideline under the Animal Welfare Act 1993, as well as being a guideline for equine industry stakeholders, such as horse owners, trainers and breeders.

Tasmanian Equine Welfare Guidelines (390 KB)

Equine owners need to be aware of the basic needs of the equine, regardless of which husbandry system they adopt. Equines have basic needs to maintain their health and wellbeing. These basic needs include:

    • The need for social interaction with other equines
    • Ready access to food and water
    • Freedom of movement to stand, stretch and lie down
    • Regular Exercise
    • Accommodation which does not cause harm, and provides protection from the elements
    • Regular hoof care
    • Regular dental care
    • Regular parasite control measures
    • Rapid identification and treatment of illness and injury
    • Freedom from confusion and conflict in training

Neglect of any or all of the above requirements can lead to health and welfare issues. The responsibility of equine owners also extends to the breeding of equines.

​To report animal cruelty:
RSPCA Inspectorate
Phone: 1300 139 947