National Bee Biosecurity Program

The National Bee Biosecurity Program (NBBP) is a national biosecurity partnership between the honey bee industry, represented by the Australian Honey BeeIndustry Council (AHBIC), Plant Health Australia (PHA), and state governments around Australia.

The purpose of the Program is to promote best management practices for beekeepers in Australia through the establishment of a Biosecurity Code of Practice. The Code is based on the principles of good biosecurity and aims to provide a clear framework for Australian beekeepers to engage in best-practice biosecurity methods. The Code, nationally endorsed by industry, was released in July 2016.

In Tasmania, beekeepers should refer to the The Tasmanian Foulbrood Best Management Practice Guideline rather than (or in conjunction with) section four of the National code. This section has been amended for Tasmanian beekeepers due to the fact that irradiation is not available as an option for sterilising hives in this State:

  The Tasmanian Foulbrood Best Management Practice Guideline   (1Mb)

For further information see also:

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Senior Biosecurity Officer (Apiary Biosecurity)

Julie Lupia
Biosecurity Operations Branch,
Biosecurity Tasmania,
13 St. Johns Avenue,
New Town, TAS, 7008.
Mobile: 0467 805 968