Varroa Mite Action Plan

​​​​​You are invited to have your say on Tasmania's Draft Action Plan for Varroa Mite 2024-2034.​

 Tasmanian Action Plan For Varroa Mite 2024 to 2034 Draft Proposal March 2024 (PDF 182Kb)

​The draft action plan has 5 key focus areas including:

  1. ​Prevention:
    Maintain and improve activities to reduce the risk of varroa mite entry into Tasmania.

  2. Detection:
    Assess and upgrade varroa mite detection capabilities in border inspection and post-border surveillance activities.

  3. Response:
    Build enhanced capacity to rapidly respond to varroa mite detections.

  4. Combined Actions:
    Develop actions that contribute to at least two of the core actions of prevention, detection, or response. 

  5. Plan B:
    Minimise the impacts of varroa mite if it were to establish.

How to make a submission​​

Submissions close 26 July 2024 at 5pm

Please read the draft action plan and email your feedback to:

If you need more information about the draft action plan contact:

Plant Biosecurity and Diagnostics Branch

6165 3777​​

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