Review of the Veterinary Service Standards - Public Consultation

​​A full review of the Veterinary Service Standards (the Standards) has been underway since 2021. This included a survey of the profession and other stakeholders aimed at understanding priorities and identifying particular issues and concerns with the current Standards. The fully revised draft Standards have been available for a period of public consultation, which is now closed. 

The objectives of the public consultation were to:

  1. Identify issues relating to accessibility, practicality, relevance and comprehension for users of the new Standards;

  2. Identify any challenges the new Standards may present that are contrary to contemporary expectations of both veterinary service users, the veterinary profession and the community;

  3. Incorporate necessary changes and complete the Standards for the declaration process in early 2023.

More detail regarding the background of the Standards review can be found in the VSS Review Public Consultation Paper.

Accessing the draft Standards and related resources

The consultation paper, draft Standards, a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), and a presentation summarising changes and additions are listed below:

Submissions closed on 21 December 2022

​To enquire about whether a submission lodged after the closing date will be accepted, please email, or by post addressed to:
The Registrar, Veterinary Board of Tasmania, PO Box 909, Sandy Bay TAS 7006

How the Board will tr​​eat submissions

Other than indicated below, submissions received in this public consultation, which was a broad consultation open to veterinary surgeons, industry and the community, will be treated as public information and will be published on our website Veterinary Board of Tasmania once consideration of the submissions has concluded.

With respect to this Public Consultation, your name (or the name of the organisation) WILL be published unless you request otherwise. 

In the absence of a clear indication that a submission is intended to be treated as confidential (or parts of the submission), the Board will treat the submission as public.

If you would like your submission treated as confidential, whether in whole or in part, please indicate this in writing at the time of making your submission, clearly identifying the parts of your submission you want to remain confidential and the reasons why. In this case, your submission will not be published to the extent of that request.

Copyright in submissions remains with the author(s), not with the Board.

The Board will not publish, in whole or in part, submissions containing defamatory or offensive material. If your submission includes information that could enable the identification of other individuals, then either all or parts of the submission will not be published.

Right to Information Act 2009 and confidentiality

Information provided to the Government may be provided to an applicant under the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI). If you have indicated that you wish all or part of your submission to be treated as confidential, your statement detailing the reasons may be taken into account in determining whether or not to release the information in the event of an RTI application for assessed disclosure.  You may also be contacted to provide any further comment.

Queries about submissions

Please direct any e​​nquiries to


Veterinary Board of Tasmania
PO Box 909
Sandy Bay TAS 7006
Phone: 0400 848 661