Standards of Practice and Legislation

​​​​​​​​Under section 5B of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1987 the Veterinary Board of Tasmania may:

  1. Declare veterinary service standards; and
  2. Specify the standards of service that are to be provided and rules of conduct that are to be observed by a registered veterinary surgeon or registered veterinary specialist in carrying on the practice of veterinary science in Tasmania.

​​The Standards of Veterinary Practice detailing the standards of practice expected of veterinary surgeons are updated or revised as and when necessary, after a consultative process.

Relevant Standards, Guidelines and Related Information

  VSS1 - Standard of Record Keeping by Veterinary Surgeons   (255Kb)

  ​VSS2 - Standards of Veterinary​ Premises   (384Kb)

  VSS3 - Standard of Professional C​onduct ​  (423Kb)

  Guidelines - Standard of Professional Conduct Information and Examples

  VSS4 - Standard for Supply and Use of Drugs in Veterinary Practice   (532Kb)​

  Guidelines for Rights, Duties and Responsibilities under the Poisons Act & Regulations   (514Kb)

  Code of Practice for the Supply and Use of Veterinary Chemical Products   (37Kb)

  Information Sheet - Prescribing or Supplying PARS or Scheduled Drugs for Invertebrates   (275Kb)


​Sample Veterinary Forms

The Board has prepared some sample forms (see links below). These are for guidance only, but it is recommended that if vets do not already use similar forms in their daily practice, they develop their own incorporating the suggested content.​

  Sample ​Advice Note   (11Kb)

  Sample Consent for Treatment Form (2013)   (129Kb)

  Sample Anaesthetic Chart (2013)   (240Kb)

  Sample Hospital Chart - Daily Observation Sheet (2013)   (225Kb)


Some of the standards are guides to Acts and Regulations which have an impact on the practice of veterinary surgeons (see links below):

Veterinary Surgeons Act 1987

Veterinary Surgeons Regulations 2022

Animal Health Act 1995*

Animal Health Regulations 2016*

Guide to the Animal Health Act 1995*

Animal Welfare Act 1993

Animal Welfare (General) Regulations 2013

Poisons Act 1971

Poisons Regulations 2018

Note: all Tasmanian legislation can be found on the website: Tasmania's Consolidated Legislation Online (use the search engine on the site, for Regulations see 'Statutory Rules').​

*In due course the Animal Health Act 1995 will be replaced with the Biosecurity Act 2019. ​For further information on this legislative change please go to the NRE Tas webpage Biosecurity Act 2019.


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