Animal Welfare and the Dairy Industry

​​​​​Tasmania's Dairy Animal Health and Welfare Action Group has produced a Guide to Tasmanian Dairy Cattle Welfare:

 Guide to Tasmanian Dairy Cattle Welfare (PDF 2Mb)

Under the Animal Welfare Act 1993, there are many types of people who can be responsible for the welfare of animals. This means that in addition to the owner, other people have some responsibility if they have cattle:

  • on agistment or loan

  • if they are a livestock carrier or livestock agent

  • if they have animals in their care in any other way

​If you have any question or want advice about any aspect of dairy welfare, there are several sources of help including:

  • NRE Tas vets and animal welfare officers

  • RSPCA Tasmania

  • your regular private vet


For advice on herd management visit the Dairy Australia website, or call DairyTas on (03) 6432 2233.

Report animal cruelty​

RSPCA Tasmania - Phone 1300 139 947 or email:​