Hobby Farmers, Small and New Landholders

​​​​​​​​Many Tasmanians enjoy the lifestyle of having a few acres, having a few animals and growing their own food. Smallholder producers and hobby farmers range from people with a few backyard chooks and a vegie patch through to those who are making serious attempts to get at least part of their living from the land.

It is important that all farmers - small, new, established, and commercial - take their biosecurity and animal welfare responsibilities seriously. 

The following documents provide some basic information to help you do just that.

General B​iosecu​rity Information

 A Guide to Tasmania's Biosecurity System (PDF 439Kb)

 Farm Biosecurity Register (PDF 87Kb) - A downloadable register to record visitors to your property


 Alpacas - some basic tips (PDF 230Kb)

 AHL Labfact Getting the best from your Wormtest (PDF 116Kb)


 Cattle - some basic biosecurity tips (PDF 136Kb)

 Basic Nutrition for Cattle (PDF 738Kb)

 Beef Cattle Body Conditioning Scoring (PDF 241Kb)

​​Dairy Australia - body condition scoring ​of dairy cattle


 Backyard Poultry (PDF 285Kb)

 Information Sheet - Producing Safe Eggs at Home (PDF 108Kb)


 Goats - some basic biosecurity tips (PDF 132Kb)

 Goats and Worms (PDF 554Kb)

 AHL Labfact Getting the best from your Wormtest (PDF 116Kb)

WormBoss - Worm control strategy suitable for goats under Tasmanian conditions​ 

 Biosecurity Fact Sheet Goats and Johnes Disease (PDF 223Kb)


 Horses - some basic biosecurity tips (PDF 103Kb)

 Basic Nutrition for Horses (PDF 373Kb)

 Horses - Body Condition Scoring and Weight Estimation (PDF 229Kb)

 Wormtest Information (PDF 102Kb)

 Horse Welfare Guidelines (PDF 430Kb)


 Pigs - some basic biosecurity tips (PDF 194Kb)

 The Backyard Pig (PDF 233Kb)


 Sheep - Guide for Hobby Farmers and Smallholders (PDF 450Kb)

 Smallholder Sheep Cheat Sheet! (PDF 132Kb)

Caring for sheep in extreme weather

 Basic Nutrition for Sheep (PDF 387Kb)

 Sheep - Body Condition Scoring (PDF 389Kb)

 Sheep and Worms (PDF 164Kb)

 AHL Labfact Getting the best from your Wormtest (PDF 116Kb)

WormBoss - control strategy suitable for sheep under Tasmanian conditions

Sheep Conne​ct Tasmania - for factsheets on Footrot, Ovine Johne's, Sarcocystis, Toxoplasmosis, Cheesy Gland, Hydatid disease, Liver fluke, Bladder worm, Arthritis and Sheep Measles.


Animal Disease Enquiries

13 St Johns Avenue,
New Town, TAS, 7008.