Tasmania's Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines

​​​​​​​Animal Welfare Standards:​​​​

  • Are prescribed in the Regulation,

  • Are legally binding and enforceable,

  • Include nationally agreed animal welfare standards

Animal Welfare Guidelines/Code of practices:
  • Are advisory documents for the education and guidance of persons involved in the care and management of animals,

  •  Are approved by the Minister under the Animal Welfare Act 1993 ,

  •  Are developed and reviewed by industry, animal welfare groups and Government,

  •  Include nationally agreed guidelines where available,

  • Advise the courts.​​​​​​​

In this topic

  • Calf Welfare
    Animal Welfare Guidelines and Standards for Calves, including the Trade and Transport of Calves, including Bobby Calves
  • Cattle Welfare
    Standards and Guidelines for Cattle welfare, as well as Cattle in Transport Regulations and Saleyard Guidelines.
  • Deer Hunting
    Code of Practice for the hunting of wild fallow deer in Tasmania
  • Deer Welfare
    Animal Welfare Guidelines for the keeping and farming of deer in Tasmania.
  • Dog Welfare
    Dog welfare standards and guidelines, as well as information about Dog Control Regulations.
  • Duck Hunting
    Code of Practice for the Hunting of ducks in Tasmania (Approved as an Animal Welfare Guideline)
  • Emu Welfare
    Regulation and Guidelines that apply to the animal welfare of Emus
  • Exhibited Animals Standards and Guidelines
    The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Exhibited Animals.
  • Goat Welfare
    Animal welfare regulations and guideline for goats in Tasmania
  • Horse Welfare
    Guidelines and Regulations for Horses in Tasmania
  • Land Transport of Livestock
    The Tasmanian Animal Welfare Guidelines for the Land Transport of Livestock are the nationally agreed ‘Guidelines’ contained in the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines – Land Transport of Livestock.
  • Muttonbird Harvesting
    Tasmanian animal welfare guidelines for the humane killing of muttonbirds (shearwaters).
  • Pig Welfare
    Legislation and addition information on the welfare of pigs.
  • Possums - Welfare in Capture, Handling, Transport & Slaughter
    Animal Welfare Guidelines - Code of Practice for the Capture, Handling, Transport and Slaughter of Brush-tail Possums in Tasmania
  • Possums - Welfare in Field Shooting
    Animal Welfare Guidelines - Field Shooting of Brushtail Possums in Tasmania
  • Poultry Welfare
    Legislation and other information on the welfare of domestic poultry (laying hens).
  • Rabbit Farming - Welfare
    Tasmanian Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - Intensive Husbandry of Rabbits
  • Rodeos - Animal Welfare
    The Animal Welfare Act makes it compulsory for rodeos in Tasmania to be run under a prescribed code of practice.
  • Saleyards - Animal Welfare
    Contents include: Scope and intention of these guidelines; Duty of care; Stock handling facilities; Water and food; Loading and unloading; Special considerations of species; Industrial disputes and abattoirs; and Appendix 1 - Humane destruction of stock.
  • Sheep Welfare
    Animal Welfare Standards, Guidelines and Livestock Transport Regulations regarding Sheep
  • Transport of Livestock Across Bass Strait
    Summary of Guidelines to be followed for transportation of livestock across Bass Strait.
  • Wallaby Hunting
    Animal Welfare Standard for the Hunting of Wallabies in Tasmania.

To report animal cruelty
RSPCA Inspectorate
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