Exhibited Animals Standards and Guidelines

​​​The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Exhibited Animals​ have received national ministerial endorsement and have been published on the Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines website hosted by Animal Health Australia. 

The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Exhibited Animals promote humane and respectful treatment of animals used for exhibition purposes. They inform all people responsible for the care and management of exhibited animals about their responsibilities and set a minimum industry standard by defining acceptable management practices for animals used for exhibition purposes. 

The standards provide a basis for developing and implementing consistent legislation and enforcement across Australia, while the guidelines are a useful reference for industry, providing recommended practices to achieve desirable exhibited animal welfare outcomes.

The process of developing regulations under the Tasmanian Animal Welfare Act 1993​ ​specifically for exhibited animals will commence in due course now that the standards have been released. Consultation with the Tasmanian community and industry stakeholders forms part of the development process.

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