Pigs Welfare

​​​Pigs are covered by ​Animal Welfare (Pigs) Regulations No.2 2023​

These Regulations legislate most of the standards contained in the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals making them legally enforceable. 
​These regulations are complemented by the Model Code of Practice:

 Model Code of Practice - Pigs (PDF 723Kb)

Sow stalls​​

In Tasmania standard 4.1.5 of the Model Code of Practice - Pigs does not apply and the confinement of sows in stalls is prohibited except in the following circumstances:

  • Under veterinary direction,
  • Up to 10 days per oestrus cycle for the purpose of mating and for no more than 5 days following the final mating,
  • Up to 3 hours per day for the purpose of feeding, veterinary treatment or husbandry procedures, or cleaning of the sow's pen.
There are mandatory record-keeping requirements in relation to the use of sow stalls.

Additional information​

Australian Pork Limited has published a user-friendl​y and practical Companion Handbook to assist pork producers in complying with the Model Co​de​. It also provides practical advice on managing group housing:

 Companion Handbook to the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Pigs (PDF 650Kb)

Additional infomation for Smallholders and Hobby Farmers:

Small Holders and Hobby Farmers Info

To report animal cruelty:
RSPCA Inspectorate
Phone: 1300 139 947
Email: reportit@rspcatas.org.au  



Animal Welfare Reporting

Program Coordinator (Animal Welfare)

13 St Johns Avenue,
New Town, TAS, 7008.

Email: welfarereporting@nre.tas.gov.au