Check Your Bags

Be careful what you bring to Tasmania.

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Tasmania has some of the world's strictest biosecurity laws to help protect Tasmania’s primary industries, economy, environment and way of life from the impacts of introduced pests, weeds and diseases. If you're travelling into or returning to Tasmania, check your bags to make sure you're not bringing any biosecurity restricted items into the state. If you do have restricted items with you, dispose of them in the provided amnesty bins at your point of arrival, or declare the item to a Biosecurity Tasmania officer.

Introducing a pest, weed or disease can mean we have to introduce expensive controls to limit movement of produce. It can result in losing overseas customers, costing our primary industries and the community millions of dollars.

Check your parcels

Check Your Parcels 

It is important to consider Tasmania’s strict biosecurity requirements when buying goods online, or ordering products from interstate or overseas.

It is also important to remind interstate and overseas family and friends that there are certain things that cannot be sent to or imported into Tasmania.

To ensure that restricted items do not enter the state via the post, Biosecurity Tasmania uses a range of methods, including detector dogs and x-ray machines, to screen incoming packages.

Check what you can and can’t import into Tasmania BEFORE ordering items online.

Know your general biosecurity duty

Find out how you can meet your general biosecurity duty (GBD)​ when visiting or returning to Tasmania, importing goods, or purchasing items to be delivered to Tasmania by viewing the GBD profiles below:

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