How We Respond to Outbreaks

​​​​Role of Biosecurity Tasmania

Biosecurity Tasmania has a range of responsibilities to prevent, prepare, respond to and help recover from biosecurity emergencies. The Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements (TEMA)  identifies the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) (Biosecurity Tasmania) as the Management Authority (lead agency) for prevention, preparedness and response in relation to biosecurity emergencies in the State. A State Special Emergency Management Plan for Biosecurity Emergencies, as provided for in the Emergency Management Act 2006, has been approved.

When a pest or disease outbreak occurs in Tasmania, arrangements are in place to allow for a rapid response. Types of responses coordinated by Biosecurity Tasmania are: 

There are a number of plans, groups and processes that come together to stage an effective response, but importantly, there is just one nationally agreed system used to respond to all pest or disease outbreaks. This system,Biosecurity Incident Management System​ (BIMS)​ is used consistently throughout the country by the Australian, state and territory governments, which allows a consistent, effective, flexible and scalable framework for managing a response.


  • Responses to plant diseases are guided by the nationally agreed PLANTPLAN​.
  • Responses to animal diseases are guided by the nationally agreed AUSVETPLAN.
  • Responses to aquatic diseases are guided by nationally agreed AQUAVETPLAN​.

​Role of industry groups

Industry groups have a critical role in preventing, preparing for, and responding to outbreaks that affect them.​