How You Can Prevent and Prepare for Outbreaks

​​​​General Biosecurity Duty

Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility. 

The Biosecurity Act 2019 introduces in Tasmania a new legal obligation known as the General Biosecurity Duty – or GBD. The Act emphasises the importance of shared responsibilities and the need for Government, industry and the community to work toge​​​ther to maintain a strong biosecurity system.

In simple terms, the GBD reinforces that everyone has a r​ole to play in protecting our unique environment and primary industries against biose​​curity risks. 

Landholders, in​​dustry and the community play a vital role in the prevention of biosecurity emergencies in Tasmania.

Find out more about how you can meet your GBD.

Farm biosecurity

Good biosecurity practices can help prevent pest and disease incursions on your property. Almost anything moved onto your p​roperty can be a potential source of pests and diseases for livestock and plants. Monitor animals or plant materials that enter the property, as well as sources of water, feed and fertiliser.

Good hygiene practices​ are the key to effective property biosecurity and the maintenance of your pest, weed and disease-free status. Good hygiene practices should be applied to all vehicles, machinery, footwear, clothing, equipment and tools coming onto your property.

Undertake regular inspection of livestock and monitor crops, and pastures for new weed, disease and insect pests. For those with bush blocks, keep alert for new plants that might be weeds among native vegetation, as weeds can be a significant threat to flora and fauna. Early detection and immediate reporting of a pest, weed or disease increases the chance of effective and efficient eradication. See it. Secure it. Report it. Report any unusual pests, weeds or diseases you find to Biosecurity Tasmania

The Farm Biosecuri​ty website offers a range of free prevention and preparedness resources for small landholders, through to those on large-scale farming enterprises.

​Travelli​ng to Tasmania

The community plays a vital role in the prevention of potential biosecurity risks being introduced to Tasmania, including considering the biosecurity requirements for goods purchased online, and what you bring with you when you visit or return to Tasmania from overseas or from mainland Australia.

For further information please visit the Traveller's Guide to Tasmanian Biosecurity - What You Can and Can't Bring into Tasmania.​​