Biosecurity Fact Sheets and Other Publications

​​Biosecurity - General

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 A guide to Tasmania's Biosecurity System (PDF 473Kb)

Emergency Response

 How to Report an Emergency Plant Pest/Disease (PDF 473Kb)

 How to Report an Emergency Plant Pest/Disease for Tasmanian Government Employees (PDF 169Kb)


 Importing Livestock and Reproductive Material (bovine) into Tasmania (PDF 316Kb)

 Bringing a dog into Tasmania (PDF 789Kb)

 Bringing Plant Tissue Culture into Tasmania (PDF 437Kb)

 Becoming an "Approved Quarantine Place" (PDF 547Kb)

Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

Anima​l Health

 Composting (PDF 232Kb)

 Poultry Litter (PDF 281Kb)

 Avian Paramyxovirus (PDF 239Kb)

Fact sheets on Alpacas, Cattle, Chickens, Goats, Horses, Pigs and Sheep

Animal Health Australia Farm Biosecurity website - Animal Health Statements​ available for download

Animal W​​elfare

 Preparing Livestock for Transport Across Bass Strait - Local and Interstate (PDF 178Kb)

 Moving Livestock between the Bass Strait Islands and Mainland Tasmania (PDF 215Kb)

 Reporting Animal Cruelty or Neglect (PDF 260Kb)

Plant Pests and Disea​ses

 Blueberry Rust Fact Sheet (PDF 329Kb)

 Brown marmorated stink bug (PDF 217Kb)

 Identifying Myrtle Rust (PDF 381Kb)

 African Black Beetle (PDF 527Kb)

 Fact sheet - Common white snail (PDF 360Kb)

 Redheaded pasture cockchafer (PDF 105Kb)

Identifying Ants

On Farm Biosecurity

 Biosecurity Hygiene for Property Owners (PDF 358Kb)

 Biosecurity Hygiene for Property Visitors (PDF 338Kb)

​Hobby Farmers and Sm​allholders​

 Livestock Identification (NLIS) - Your Responsibilities (PDF 233Kb)

 Biosecurity Hygiene for Property Owners (PDF 358Kb)

 Biosecurity Hygiene for Property Visitors (PDF 338Kb)

 Reporting Animal Cruelty or Neglect (PDF 260Kb)

 Composting and Mad Cow Disease (PDF 232Kb)

 Poultry Litter (PDF 281Kb)

Fact sheets on Alpacas, Cattle, Chickens, Goats, Horses, Pigs and Sheep

Animals and Bushfire

 Bushfire Plan - Include animals in your bushfire plan (PDF 411Kb)

Other Publi​​cations

 Review of Import Requirements for Fruit Fly Host Produce (PDF 4Mb)

 Farm Biosecurity Visitor Register (PDF 87Kb)

Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy
This page details how the Tasmanian Biosecurity Policy is being implemented.

Notifiable Animal Diseases
If you see any signs of these diseases in your animals, you must report it promptly.

Weeds Index
To help you identify and manage weeds on your property.​

Animal Welfare Standards
For various livestock and wildlife species.

Know Your Ferals
Information to help you recognise introduced species and what to do about them.

FarmBiosecurity Website - Create your own Biosecurity Toolkit