Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2013-2017

​​​​Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2013-2017 coverBiosecurity is the protection of industries, the environment and public well-being, health, amenity and safety from the negative impacts of pests, diseases, and weeds. Tasmania's biosecurity policy objective is to protect and enhance Tasmania's biosecurity status for the benefit of Tasmania's industries, environment and public well being, health, amenity and safety.

The Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2013-2017 is the high level document that sets the overall direction for Tasmania's biosecurity system. The Strategy will be updated in the near future to ensure that our system continues to be ​contemporary and effective. Until this occurs, the current strategy remains in place. 

The Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy can be downloaded below:

Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2013-2017 (1.45 MB)

The Strategy is a whole-of-government framework within which biosecurity issues in Tasmania can be addressed in the most efficient and effective way. Co-ordination of biosecurity activities across Tasmania is seen as vital in optimising resources and, not only maintaining, but also building on the State's strong biosecurity status. The Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy is based on transparency, consistency, and scientific principles as is Tasmania's biosecurity policy.

The 2013-17 version updates and builds on the previous Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2007-12.

The development of the Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2013-17 was undertaken on behalf of the Tasmanian Biosecurity Committee (representing whole of the Tasmanian Government) by a DPIPWE-convened writing group that included both government representatives and representatives from the Primary Industry Biosecurity Action Alliance.


Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy F​lyer July 2013

Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy Flyer - July 2013 (403 KB)

This flyer is a brief summary of the above Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy 2013-17.